13 Ways to Find Your Next Speaking Opportunity

Public speaking is a great way to get yourself out there, build your thought leadership, and get in front of potential clients. When you’re just getting started, finding speaking opportunities can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be.

From local meetings to national conferences, there are thousands of events happening each day, in person and online, that need great speakers like you!

To help you on your way, here is a list of 13 ways to find your next speaking engagement:

  1. Industry associations – every industry has an association and most associations host events monthly, quarterly or annually. Check the associations website for event listings and speaker applications.
  2. Corporations – Corporations bring experts to train their employees on subjects from social media to leadership to mindfulness. Have a friend who works for a company for which you’d love to speak? Ask him/her for an introduction to the person who handles corporate training.
  3. Colleges and Universities – Do you live near a college or university? Contact your local university and offer to speak to students or faculty.
  4. Networking groups – There are many groups designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Join your preferred group and let members know you are looking for speaking opportunities. There may be an opportunity to speak for the networking group’s membership as well!
  5. Podcasts – Want to get in front of a new audience without leaving home? Podcasts make it possible. Connect with your favorite podcast host and offer to be a guest on an upcoming episode.
  6. Online telesummits, webinars, livestreams – Who are your peers or mentors in your industry? Offer to be a guest speaker for any upcoming events they are hosting such as a webinar or telesummit. They get an opportunity to bring value to their community while you get to speak to a new group. Win-win!
  7. Online event listings – Spend a few minutes searching events using websites such as Eventbrite, Meet Up or Facebook events.
  8. Service organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club. The organizations meet weekly and welcome guest speakers.
  9. Local Community Spaces & Venues – venues host events for community members. Check out events happening at your library, co-working space or recreation center.
  10. Referrals – Ask your network of colleagues and peers where they speak. Can they introduce you to the meeting organizer? Ask your clients – Where do they spend time? Are they a member of any industry groups or associations?
  11. Google – A quick google search can generate the speaking opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Search your (industry) + (events) + (city/town or zip code). Or try searching (industry) + (call for presenters).
  12. Industry Conferences – There are conferences designed for various industries happening each day. Research your industry’s events to find which conferences you can best lend your expertise. Many conferences have information about speaking opportunities, and how to apply, directly on their website.
  13. Business publications such as Crain’sInc Magazine and Fortune have event listings in the magazine and on their websites.

Your mission this week: Select one of the ideas above to research speaking engagements. With just a quick search or phone call, you’re on your way to booking your next speaking opportunity!

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