Your Speaking Engagement Action Tracking Guide

So you’ve taken the first brave step in your speaker journey and sent out inquiries for speaking engagements. You’ve clicked send! Your heart is pounding. You may even feel a bit nauseous, but mostly your heart is filled with joy and excitement about getting on stage and sharing your message with others!

You’ve researched a number of organizations. You have a list of dream speaking engagements. And you’ve taken the time to write a thoughtful inquiry or application.

You may have even received a few responses! Hooray!

So, what’s next?

After submitting a few proposals, it’s easy to lose track of the opportunities for which you’ve applied. Wouldn’t it be awful if you submitted an application twice or missed an opportunity because you couldn’t find the contact you were supposed to follow up?

If you’re just beginning your speaking journey, you know you will have to put your self out there frequently to establish your thought leadership.

As you send more inquiries, it’s important to stay on top of which speaking engagements you’ve submitted, which applications you’re currently working on, and important deadlines.

How do you know who to contact? And when?

Staying organized is important, so you can follow up and stay on the radar of key decision makers.

You want to track the following:

Events – the name of the organization or event for which you’d like to speak.

Dates and Location – when is the event taking place and in what city or town?

Application deadline – is there a deadline you must submit by?

Contacts – Do you have a contact in the organization? Or perhaps, the event planner accepting the proposals?

It’s easy to lose track of so many moving parts, so I’ve created an action tracking guide to help you stay organized. Download your sheet now!

Use this sheet to keep track of the speaking opportunities you’re currently applying for or use it as an incentive to get started!

Want more support with booking speaking opportunities or getting start? Let’s talk.


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