What is the message you were born to share?

What is the message you were born to share?

Do you have the desire to be a speaker, but worry you don’t have a story to tell?

You are not alone. I hear this a lot when speaking to entrepreneurs who feel called to share their message in a bigger way, but don’t think they have a powerful story.

Have you ever looked at the pros – those entrepreneurs, speakers and thought leaders who have built a big platform, deliver amazing TED talks, and grace the stage at national events – and think to yourself, “I could never be like them because I don’t have a story.”

Perhaps you think your story isn’t compelling or “BIG” enough.

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have a story, I’m here to tell you:

Everyone has a story to tell. Yes, even YOU.

Let’s dive into a few ways you can craft your signature story:

Define Your Story

Like finding your voice, your story will take time to develop. It’s important to take time to uncover your story.  To dig beneath the surface to uncover gems – the experiences, challenges and adventures you’ve forgotten about.

Here’s an exercise you can try: draw a line on a sheet of paper. The line represents your life with one end representing the day you were born; the other, the present day. Begin to fill in all the key milestones in between – graduations, marriage, moving, career changes, children, writing a book, traveling, and so on.

Review all of the events and achievements over your lifetime. What did those experiences teach you? Is there a pattern or theme? That’s usually a key element of your story.

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What’s the Journey?

What is the transformation you help your clients achieve? For example, if you’re a health and wellness coach, you help your clients improve their nutrition and fitness levels.

If you’re a business coach, perhaps you help your clients transition from being in debt to increase their profitability and bring in more revenue.

Or perhaps you help empower your clients to silence their inner critic so they can reach the next level in their life and business.

Whatever the service you provide, you’ve most likely walked a similar path in your own journey. That transformation plays a key role in the signature story you’re here to tell.


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Play Reporter

Have you ever looked in the refrigerator but couldn’t find the milk? Only to have your spouse point out it was right in front of you?

Sometimes the answers we seek are right in front of us, but we’re too close to see it. That’s why it’s helpful to recruit a friend to help you uncover what’s you’ve become blind to.

Invite a friend to interview you about your goals and what’s driving you to share your story. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

1. Briefly describe your business / career.
2. Why did you start your business? (if you’re a corporate profession: Why did you choose this field/industry?)
3. What are you passionate about your work?
4. What do you enjoy most about the clients you work with?

5. Why is sharing your story so important to you?

6. What do you want to be know for? What are you the expert in?

7. If you could leave an audience with one message from your talk, what would it be?

Have your friend recap the conversation. What did she learn? How would she describe you and your work?

You may be amazed at what’s right in front of you!

If you’d like support with crafting your powerful story, I’d love to help. Reserve your complimentary session, so you can take the first step towards the spotlight!