How to Impress Event Organizers (So You Can Book More Speaking Gigs)


photo credit: Arnel Hasanovic, Unsplash

As a business owner, you know there are many benefits to speaking. It’s an opportunity to increase your visibility, connect with a roomful of potential clients and showcase your expertise.

When it comes to getting booked, event organizers have a different focus. They want their audience to have a valuable experience and want to recruit speakers who support their goal of educating or inspiring participants.

How to find speaking engagements + get the gig

There are many ways to research and find speaking engagements. Getting booked requires taking the next step and connecting with meeting and event planners – those who are in charge of organizing the conference, meeting or event you’d like to present at.

The meeting organizer, the person you want to connect with about speaking opportunities, is often listed on the event website. You can also search on LinkedIn to find the best contact. Asking your network for introductions and attending events at which you’d like to present can also put you in touch with the person, or people, recruiting speakers.

Perfecting the Pitch

Event planners are busy people. In order to get their attention and make a great impression, there are a few things that go into the perfect speaking proposal or pitch.

Each event has different requirements they request when requesting speaker applications. Often they look for a brief topic/session description, bio and past speaking engagements you can share.

When it comes to submitting the application there are a few rules of the road to help you get the Yes!


Photo credit: Corinne Kutz, Unsplash

Make it relevant

You are eager to speak and get in front of a crowd, but it’s important to make sure your topic is relevant to the event and audience.

Short and sweet

As mentioned, event planners are very busy managing logistics for the event, working with vendors in addition to creating content and recruiting speakers. They may receive hundreds of inquiries and applications each day. Session descriptions, proposals and any email communications are well received when they are brief and to the point.

Present a unique point of view

Event organizers will receive hundreds (or thousands) of applications depending on the size of the event. Because of that, you want to present your topic with a unique approach. For example, if you want to present a session on “Yoga poses that will keep you energized throughout the day”, why not take a different perspective by offering to present “5 habits that are draining your energy (and the yoga poses that can help).” Offering a fresh and different point of view will help you stand out from the crowd.

Make it personal

When applying for multiple speaking engagements it’s tempting to copy and paste the same material. However, submitting an application that is tailored specifically to that group works best. You know how you feel when you get cc’d on a mass email, right? Now think about a time you’ve received a letter or email written specifically for you. It shows the person has taken time to craft a message that speaks to your interests or needs and generates a sincere feeling. Why not take a few extra minutes to craft a personalized message when submitting a speaking proposal?

Take Action!

Now it’s your turn to get those applications going. Make a list of events where you’d like to speak in the next three months. Choose one and craft the perfect pitch using the guidelines above.

If you’d like support with writing a proposal and finding speaking engagements, schedule your complimentary consultation today.