Keep Your Speaking Engagements Organized (And Don’t Miss an Opportunity)

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Good news! You’ve lined up ten speaking engagements over the next few months.

You did the hard work – researching speaking opportunities, submitting a solid proposal, connecting with meeting organizers and finally securing the gig. You’re primed to increase your visibility, connect with hundreds or thousands of people and perhaps, sell a few books.

Now, it’s time to kick back and relax, right?

Not so fast.

If speaking is not your full-time profession, managing your speaking schedule in addition to running your business or career, can get overwhelming rather quickly.

Here are a few tips to keep you streamline the process and stay organized:

Create a form on your website

Set up a Google document or contact form directly on your website to manage incoming speaking requests. Include questions about details for the speaking engagement and event such as:

  • Name of organization
  • Contact person
  • Date and location of the event
  • Length and format of presentation
  • Fee or budget for the speaking engagement

Having this form in place will reduce time emailing or calling the meeting organizers to get the information. With all the requests in one place (as opposed to sifting through emails) you can review them at once and respond accordingly.

Create a calendar just for your speaking engagements

Mark the dates of each speaking event on the calendar so you can see everything in one place. Additionally, map out any planning meetings with the event organizers, deadlines to submit slides or materials, promotional or marketing campaigns and most importantly when you will write and rehearse each talk.

Create a file for each event

Create a paper or digital folder with important details for each event including: date, location, on-site contact person, time of the talk, transportation and travel details. This will save you time and energy in the days before a speaking engagement, so you can focus on the content of the presentation.

Plan your follow-up strategy

There are always details to take care of once the talk is over. Have a system set up for invoicing and collecting payments for any speaking fees or travel reimbursements. Also, plan to follow up with the audience by sending a survey or email to thank the audience for attending and share any resources you may have mentioned during your talk.

Creating these systems may take some time in the beginning. However, once they are in place you’ll be able to accept requests and manage speaking engagements more efficiently. That way you direct your attention where it really matters – creating and delivering a powerful talk that makes an impact.

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How to Land Speaking Engagements (in Just One Hour)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
  • The two most overlooked opportunities for speakers
  • How to leverage your network and get booked to speak
  • A free resource to land speaking engagements fast

The question I hear most often from entrepreneurs is “how to I get more speaking engagements?”

Leverage your network

There are many ways to get speaking engagements, but the fastest way to find speaking opportunities is to start with your current network. Make a list of all of the groups you belong to: networking groups, associations, parenting groups, fitness classes, meet-up groups and more. Now, put a star next to the groups that attract your target market and offer to speak at the next meeting.

Then, reach out to your colleagues and find out where they network and where they speak. Ask for an introduction to the meeting organizer for those groups. In just a few hours (or perhaps minutes), you can land a speaking opportunity.

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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Speaking Goals a Reality

What goals did you set for 2015?

Taking a fabulous vacation? Double your sales? Give a TED talk?

If you’re like most people, those goals aren’t going as planned.

You’re heading into the second half of the year wondering where the time went.

You didn’t give as many talks as you hoped.

Your still not clear on your story or message.

And the book you’ve been working on is collecting dust.

You’re feeling a big discouraged and frustrated….again.

Because you really wanted 2015 to be THE year for you.

I get it. I’ve got big plans for this year too: running a half-marathon, launching a new program, hosting a workshop and much more.

So, to get you back on track, I’ve created a list of resources to help you get clear on your message, land speaking engagements and get the visibility you desire before 2015 ends.

Let’s dive in!

1. How to Craft a Talk that Sells

2. 3 Strategies to Find Your Ideal Speaking Engagements

3. How to Land Speaking Opportunities in Just One Hour

4. How to Pitch Speaking Engagements

5. 5 Questions to Ask Before Saying ‘Yes’ to a Speaking Gig

Carve out a few hours to really dive into these resources and create a plan for the next few months.

Remember, taken action on one item will bring you that much closer to your goal!

And if you’re ready to dig in and take massive action, book a 30-minute complimentary consultation.