I am a lifelong storyteller with a passion for helping others share their stories with impact. In my work as a presentation consultant and storyteller, I help entrepreneurs and corporate executives uncover their personal stories, craft signature talks and grow their businesses.

Delivering an unforgettable presentation requires creating a connection with your audience. It’s about being authentic and vulnerable. Your personal story is what will resonate most with the audience, connect you to clients and customers and make you memorable.

I believe that YOUR STORY MATTERS. And I’m here to help you uncover it, share it and spread your message to a wider audience: the clients customers and people who need you the most.

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I spent my early career in radio and television newsrooms learning the elements of good storytelling; bringing hidden talent to light and crafting a compelling narrative. As an associate television producer for cable networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the Weather Channel, I guided interview subjects to showcase their best possible light.

Moving into the corporate space as a conference/event producer I worked with speakers from top companies including Zappos, American Heart Association, Nordstrom, McDonald’s and more. While in this role, I coached many executives to create compelling speeches, understand the needs of the attendees and execute a presentation that is both informative and engaging.

During my 12-year career working first as a television producer and then as a conference director, I’ve had the opportunity to interview CEOs, industry thought leaders and decision makers managing big budgets. What impressed me was not a person’s fancy degree or revenue generating program. Rather it was the passion – the story behind the story – that sparked an idea, product or start-up. It’s your personal story, the experiences you have had that led you to where you are today. Sharing a bit of your personality and experience is what makes you stand out, makes you relatable and builds relationships.

It’s time to share your story.

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