Are you ready to shine?

A great presentation is not about the perfect diction or how you walk across the stage. What makes a great presentation is how you connect with your audience. It’s about creating a shared experience through authenticity. Sharing a piece of your personal story will resonate with those in the audience.

Stepping UP, saying YES and putting yourself out there… that’s what leaves a lasting impression.

Your Story Matters.

During my twelve-year career, I’ve had the opportunity to interview CEOs, industry thought leaders and decision makers managing big budgets. What impressed me most was the passion – the story behind the story – that sparked an idea, product or start-up and generated the big results. It’s your personal story, the experiences you have had that led you to where you are and sharing a bit of your personality and experience is what makes you stand out, makes you relatable and builds relationships.

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Rock Your Story Strategy Session (60-minute session via phone):
Looking to book more speaking engagements but don’t know where to start? Are you confused about what your message should be? Perhaps you have a solid message, but lack a strategy to deliver it? This 60-minute session is designed to focus on one area or presentation-based challenge and develop an action plan for moving forward.

Signature Speech

Female Speaker

Ready to step into the spotlight and share your message through public speaking and live events? We can help you:

  • Craft your signature talk
  • Connecting with your story– your “why
  • Uncover your personal story and clarify your message
  • Deliver a message that resonates with your customers and clients
  • Create a written session abstract and title
  • Determine the best timing and presentation platform

Solid Strategy

Female Entrepreneur

Designed for entrepreneurs who want to spread their message through public speaking, but need a strategy to book more speaking engagements. We can help you:

  • Craft your presentation proposal
  • Identify speaking opportunities that attract your ideal clients and customers
  • Create speaker materials/kit
  • Key questions to ask event directors and meeting planners
  • Uncover speaking opportunities within corporations, associations, hospitals, universities, industry events and more
  • Develop a strategy for pitching and submitting proposals
  • Make the most of speaking opportunities to gather research, generate leads and increase visibility

Spread the Word

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You are ready to integrate your personal story and message through all communication channels. We can help you:

  • Draw from your story for blog posts, web content and social media posts
  • Share your message across various mediums without it getting watered down
  • Create a content calendar for blog posts, website content and social media messaging.
  • Leverage social media to generate new content ideas

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