Ready to raise your visibility? Try this.

You’ve heard the saying, “You’re one in a million?”

In Mel Robbins’ TED talk, she says that number is actually 1 in 400 trillion. Yep. The odds of you being born are one in 400 trillion.

With odds like that, there’s no doubt you have a unique vision and message to share with the world!

It’s frustrating when you ready to share your gift, but you’re not reaching a large enough audience.

Maybe you’ve built a solid foundation and are ready to get to the next level. Or you’re just getting started and don’t know where to begin.

As a creative entrepreneur you have so many ideas you’d like to develop and share with those you serve. Often, having too many ideas feels overwhelming and will keep you stuck.

Before you panic, there’s an easy solution to kick start your momentum. In this video , I explain what’s keeping you where you are and how you can ramp up your visibility quickly.

Once you’ve watched the video, let me know what action you’re taking to be more visible in the comments below.

Remember, that’s trillion with a T!