Communicate Your Brand Message with Ease

I recently asked my Facebook community the following question: How do you describe your brand in a few words?

The response was overwhelming with words like







Fun and more.

Ask any entrepreneur to describe their brand and the answers will be top of mind. Branding goes beyond a few words, logo and colors. A strong brand is infused in every part of your business creating a clear, consistent message.

What message are you sending with your words, style and image?

How you present yourself when speaking on stage, attending a networking event or filming a video speaks volumes to potential clients (even if you haven’t said a word)!

Too often, entrepreneurs send different messages on different platforms and they many not know it.

Creating a consistent brand message demonstrates the experience you create for your clients and customers.

Your message: What is it you want to be known for? What are the key messages you want to communicate about your brand? Write down your brand messages and infuse them in

Your appearance: When attending a networking event, meetingwith a client or speaking on stage, your fashion and style should represent your brand. If you’re a reiki master, and your brand is inspirational or tranquil, your clothing should reflect that. Wearing a suit is out of alignment with your brand and confusing to your audience.

Online profiles: Are your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram branded? Having the same tagline, logo and and graphics that visually represent your brand creates consistency and builds trust with potential clients.

Photos: When was the last time you took headshots or updated your social media photos? When updating your photos your clothing, background and poses should represent your brand.

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