How to Land Speaking Engagements (in Just One Hour)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
  • The two most overlooked opportunities for speakers
  • How to leverage your network and get booked to speak
  • A free resource to land speaking engagements fast

The question I hear most often from entrepreneurs is “how to I get more speaking engagements?”

Leverage your network

There are many ways to get speaking engagements, but the fastest way to find speaking opportunities is to start with your current network. Make a list of all of the groups you belong to: networking groups, associations, parenting groups, fitness classes, meet-up groups and more. Now, put a star next to the groups that attract your target market and offer to speak at the next meeting.

Then, reach out to your colleagues and find out where they network and where they speak. Ask for an introduction to the meeting organizer for those groups. In just a few hours (or perhaps minutes), you can land a speaking opportunity.

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