How to Sell Out Your Next Event

Hosting a live event can be a daunting task. Planning the content, finding a venue and managing the logistics can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. And then you have to get people to register and attend – minor detail!

Whether you are hosting a retreat,  book signing, virtual teleseminar or conference, there are a few key marketing ingredients that will make your event a success.

Set up your sales page 

First things first. Begin by writing a description of the event that highlights the benefits of attending and what people will gain by attending. How will this event help them? What is the format? What is the agenda for the day? Who is the event designed for?

It’s also important to include basic information like the date, time and location for the event as well as the registration information so people can buy tickets!

In addition to your website or sales page, set up an event page on Facebook or Eventbrite so you can can reach a wider audience.

Create a marketing calendar

Depending on the size of the event, you should begin marketing 2-6 months in advance of the event. Creating a marketing calendar will keep you organized and on track with your initiatives as you move closer to the date.

Decide how often you will promote the event and through which channels. For example, will you send an email to your newsletter subscribers or post the information on social media? Write down each marketing piece on a calendar to indicate the date you plan to send it out.

Here are a few marketing channels to consider:

  • Newsletter list and subscribers
  • Client prospects
  • Colleagues and partners who serve similar audiences
  • Social media channels
  • Networking groups and associations
  • Online groups and communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn

Important note: Remember to also mark time on your calendar to write the promotional pieces whether it’s copy for an email or a tweet!

Engage partners to build the buzz

In addition to marketing to your own list and social media channels, enlisting the help of friends, colleagues and business partners will help spread the word to a wider audience.

This can include:

  • Speakers for the event
  • Referral partners
  • JV partners
  • Clients
  • Colleagues from networking or association groups

Provide sample email copy, blurbs for newsletters and social media posts to make it easy for people to share the event with their communities.

Build excitement ahead of the event

Once people begin registering for your event, it’s important to keep in touch with them before the event happens. Sending email updates or engaging with attendees on social media keeps it fresh in their minds and builds excitement. Get creative and start a social media promotion by asking attendees to post pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

Monitor your registration numbers throughout the process to make sure you’re meeting your goals.

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  1. Hi Regina,

    I love all these tips and will be sharing with my various networks. One tip I would add is for event hosts to consider offering an early bird price to reward active and engaged attendees for their support and to incentivize interested but skittish attendees to commit and join in the fun.

    Have a great Thursday,

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